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I will usually be on here blogging about Particle Physics, Quantum Physics and the Standard Model. There will sometimes be one-offs here and there as well that are more about Physics in general.

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A Brief Post

Welcome back to another post about the Maxwell Relations. This will be a brief post where I will present a very useful mnemonic for remembering the Maxwell Relations that certainly proved quite helpful during my studies of thermodynamics.

This post follows directly (but will be much less mathematical) from Read more

Date Posted: 06/06/2018

Welcome back to Waves!

I've not put up a post about waves in a while, but I'm back to writing and have a few more posts in this series planned for the next few weeks! If you're new to the series, feel free to start at Waves I, which discusses the wave equation.

This part will not be following on directly from Read more

Intro and Welcome back to the physics blog!

It has been a good bit of time since I posted the prelude article to this, so it's about time I write this! Welcome back!!

In this blog, I will be deriving Maxwell's relations of thermodynamic potentials. These are a set of relations which are useful because they allow us to change certain quantities, which are often hard to... Read more

Something new!

I had gotten a bit burned out after writing a few posts just about wave physics, so I thought I'd start exploring and writing about something else.

This post and the next one are inspired (and really sourced) directly from what I'm currently studying in my third year university physics course. As usual, I will be giving my take on things and explaining... Read more

Date Posted: 13/02/2018


In this brief part of the waves series, we will be defining the concept of impedance of a string. Impedance is an important concept in many physical systems, as it will usually impact how much energy you are able to transmit across certain boundaries. Quite often in physics (and other fields), we're trying to solve problems where we need to do some sort of... Read more


In transmission systems, we are often interested in the amount of power that we can transmit given particular conditions. So it would be helpful to derive an expression for the power in terms of the physical conditions of your system. In our case, we will be continuing on our wave on a string discussion, where the physical properties are the tension, $T$, the linear density... Read more

Wave Energy

This post carries on from the discussion in the previous two: Waves I and Waves II. It's recommended to have a look at those if you haven't already.

Any wave on a string (and any in general) will transport energy. As in all physical situations, we can... Read more

Welcome back

This will be a very brief post, continiuing directly from the previous one, where I will be showing that the speed of waves propagating on a string is given by the relation:


In the the last post, we showed that the wave... Read more

A new series!

Welcome to the first part of a new series about the physics of waves I'm starting. In my post about blog plans for 2018, I mentioned that I want to start writing about physics topics in a more mathematically rigorous manner. This is the start of... Read more

Let's go on!

In the first part of this series, I introduced the Standard Model and gave a brief introduction about fermions, which are the particles that make up everything we can see, and bosons, which are the particles that mediate the fundamantal forces between these particles.

In most early particle physics... Read more

Why is this a prelude?

I was in the final stages of writing a blog post about particle interactions and Feynman Diagrams when I decided to pause for a bit and write this instead. I had structured that article such that I present the fundamental interactions described by the Standard Model in detail and then I would give an introduction to Feynman diagrams and provide... Read more

Why am I posting this?

I have recieved some brilliant constructive feedback about my previous article, Observers affecting reality? The Double Slit Experiment, and since it has been pointed out that I have misinterpreted some of the results from performing variations of the... Read more


The modern double slit experiment demonstrates one of the weirdest, and perhaps fundamentally the only weird, phenomenon about quantum mechanics. Do observers affect reality? Are particles "conscious" of what's happening around them? In this article, I'll be exploring these concepts, starting off by talking about waves, Young's original double slit experiment... Read more

Date Posted: 30/04/2017

What's this about?

The last two articles I've written for the blog were part of the Particle Physics series. While this article relates to more general physics, we will still discuss conservation laws related to the Standard Model by the end. So if you are interested in particle physics, I hope you'll find this a good... Read more

Where were we?

In part 1 of this series, I introduced the Standard Model and the four fundamental forces that govern our universe on a quantum scale. You may recall the four fundamental forces to be:


I have been an enthusiast of particle physics ever since my first encounter with the Standard Model of Particle Physics about 4 years ago. I was simply completely charmed by the way it explained the underlying reasons of common physical phenomena that I studied during my time in school. In this blog post, I am hoping to try to convey to you why I'm so fascinated by... Read more