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Date Posted: 12/02/2018

Break from Physics

After four consecutive posts about waves, I thought it would nice to write this post as a chill, relaxing break from physics. About two weeks ago, I attended Global Game Jam 2018 with some of my... Read more

Tagged as: globalgamejam, hackathon, gamedevelopment


I came across this issue fairly recently. For a particular feature of my app, The Standard Model, I... Read more

Tagged as: reactnative, appdevelopment, programming, javascript, reactnavigation


In this guide, I will show you how I would do proper dismissable modal screens using the React Navigation system for React Native.

I will assume you are... Read more

Tagged as: reactnative, appdevelopment, programming, javascript


This will be a much needed break from the relatively intense physics blog posts from before. In this article, I will simply be writing about myself! Specifically, I will be telling you about how I came to start programming... Read more

Tagged as: programming, computerscience, c#


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