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Date Posted: 27/09/2018

You probably know very well how difficult it is for young startups to survive these days. Most of them fail before they’ve reached the fifth year - and, if you manage to stay afloat for this long, you can consider your startup a success.... Read more

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Any entrepreneur who wants their company to succeed knows that expansion is essential. Otherwise, your business will start to lose relevance in the market as its rivals continue to grow and change. And if you want to expand your organisation then... Read more

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Investing in modern... Read more

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A business can often start out as an idea in your mind. But slowly over time you will nurture the thoughts, perhaps take that leap of faith and begin to grow your business successfully. However, that often means that you can’t remain to be a... Read more

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Date Posted: 13/09/2018

There are some for whom a life in the suburbs is a blissful utopia. Others who dream of a country house amidst nature’s bounty, uninterrupted by the sounds of traffic, the laughter of passers by or the amber glow of street lights. And then... Read more

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Starting up your own at-home business is tricky. There are so many components that you have to piece together in order to create the perfect startup from your own home, but there are also countless risks and hurdles for you to overcome in... Read more

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Date Posted: 21/08/2018

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Date Posted: 21/08/2018

We think of software and modern homes as intrinsic. It would be bizarre for someone to ask if you, whether or not you thought your home was using some kind of software. The basic software that control central heating, pops first into our mind.... Read more

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Date Posted: 17/08/2018

The great thing about technology is that it can be applied in some form or another to most anything in your life you want to improve. When it comes to your fiance's, you... Read more

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In the current day and age, technology is a huge area of concern for any business. There are so many factors that need to be considered when... Read more

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Whether you would like to develop software for fun, or make money off your programming skills, you don’t necessarily have to attend college. There is plenty of training on the internet that will give you the basics of programming languages,... Read more

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Date Posted: 14/06/2018

Welcome to a new series!

Over the past few weeks, I developed an interest in studying digital circuits, and so I thought it would be interesting to write about this topic while learning about it. I first came across digital circuits,... Read more

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Date Posted: 12/02/2018

Break from Physics

After four consecutive posts about waves, I thought it would nice to write this post as a chill, relaxing break from physics. About two weeks ago, I attended Global Game Jam 2018 with some of my... Read more

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I came across this issue fairly recently. For a particular feature of my app, The Standard Model, I... Read more

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In this guide, I will show you how I would do proper dismissable modal screens using the React Navigation system for React Native.

I will assume you are... Read more

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This will be a much needed break from the relatively intense physics blog posts from before. In this article, I will simply be writing about myself! Specifically, I will be telling you about how I came to start programming... Read more

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