Not the short-legged clothing item; but rather shorter, more regular, blog posts.
My First Short Post

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Hi there! Welcome to my first new short post. I haven't been blogging on the main blog in a while (if you can call a year that), as the system I had designed for it is not quite as flexible as it should be, and it almost felt like a chore. In addition, I got used to writing rather long blogs on the other system. I wanted a new way to let me post short thoughts/musings. This will be about side projects I'm doing, academia updates, and some personal content. The shorts system is far more flexible and I'll be able to write virtually from anywhere. Hopefully you should expect daily-ish updates here. There will be a rolling posts page with all the current year's shorts at as well as a standalone page for each post.

Quick update about what I'm up to: I've recently updated the website's theme to a somewhat more minimalistic style. More changes might come soon. I've been exploring newtonian physics simulations in p5.js (JavaScript Processing) and you can check it out on the repo. This included simulating gravitational forces between objects, showing that falling objects fall at the same rate, simulating springs, etc. It's been quite a bit of fun actually.

I've also been ricing my macOS setup the past few days; I started to use a tiling manager (chunkwm) and it's a dream! Along with skhd for very customisable keybinds and ubersicht for a custom status bar (pecan), working on my MacBook has never been more aesthetic. Finally, I also reworked my browser's new tab page (see it here).

In addition, a few days ago, my Bachelor's degree classification was released and I'm really happy to say that I achieved a First Class degree, in my joint Computing and Physics course, along with the Combined Honours class prize from the Computing Science. This is more exciting because of the fact that I've now met the requirements for my Computing Science PhD offer, also at the University of Glasgow. More on that in a later post.