Matrix Master 2

Matrix calculations made easier
About Matrix Master 2
Date started: 2015-01-01

Recently updated:

Version 1.2 of Matrix Master 2 brings big updates and improvements across the board, including 2 new operations: Solve Ax=b System and finding Reduced Row Echelon Form.

Here's a list of everything new:
-- You can now solve systems of equations by inputting them as a matrix and a constant vector (solves for x in Ax=b).
-- You can now row reduce matrices using the new Reduced Row Echelon Form operation.
-- UI bug fixes and improvements.
-- General optimisations.

Matrix Master 2 is the evolution of Matrix Master. You can do so much more.

Take advantage of the power of your device and do really powerful matrix calculations in a matter of seconds.

Customize your input matrix exactly. Any matrix dimensions are now possible. Visualize your input with the help of the really awesome interface.

Supported operations:

-- Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues
-- Matrix Power: done very quickly using the power of your device
-- Determinant
-- Inverse
-- Reduce matrix to row echelon form
-- Solve Ax=b system
-- Addition
-- Subtraction
-- Matrix Multiplication: always left multiplication
-- Matrix Division: defined as multiplication by the inverse of the second matrix
-- Negative
-- Matrix-Scalar Multiplication
-- Matrix-Scalar Division
-- Matrix Transpose

The interface automatically adjusts as you type to display as much of your matrix as it can. You can then simply scroll through your entire result matrix as it is displayed such that you can see it very easily.

When a matrix has to be of certain dimension for an operation to be successful, the dimension is simply applied to the input so that you don't have to do it again.