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Main Projects

I am currently developing an app called The Standard Model, which lets users manipulate and learn about fundamental particles and their interactions. The app can also draw Feynman Diagrams for the user. It is currently in a beta version, with most of the main functionality up.

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Recently updated:

Version 1.2 of Matrix Master 2 brings big updates and improvements across the board, including 2 new operations: Solve Ax=b System and finding Reduced Row Echelon Form.

Here's a list of everything new:
-- You can now solve systems of equations by... Read more

UzuConvert is the rebranding of iConvertMaster. It is a converter app but now it is also much more.

The main difference between UzuConvert and iConvertMaster is the interface. UzuConvert has a very much newer much nicer interface. Have a look below.

UzuConvert also brought unit and... Read more

Antimatter annihlates when it comes into contact with matter. The goal of this particle physics inspired game is to destroy the antimatter before it comes into contact with matter.

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This is quite a funny one. This was my first real collaborative project. I had this idea with a friend of mine at the time and we agreed that she would work on the graphics while I code the game.

The idea of the game is that Toot, the flying camel, takes his revenge on his previous captors... Read more

Hungry the Monkey was the very first iOS game, and the first game as a matter of fact, I published. As such, it certainly means very much to me.

It requires the player to feed Hungry, who is a monkey, by tapping on any and all the food whilst avoiding feeding him poison.

The game is... Read more

I created the name and website Uzusoft as a startup name under which to release my apps. You can also see the prefix Uzu in some of my other projects (UzuConvert, UzuColor, etc). This actually comes from my childhood nickname, Oozoo.

At the moment, I am... Read more


The Standard Model

This is big.. very big

Matrix Master 2

Matrix calculations made easier


The new iConvertMaster

Alien Kamikaze

Dodge the incoming aliens!

Antimatter Blast

Collect all the antimatter!

Colony X

Protect the colony


To solve your everyday equations


Plenty of sounds

Matrix Master

For your everyday matrix calculations


How fast can you think?

Candy Surprise

Collect all the candy!

Count Simple

A feature-packed counter app


Match the energies correctly


Entropy spreads

Toot's Revenge

Just have a look

Hungry the Monkey

My very first published game!


This one is rather funny actually


To solve your everyday equations

Rainy Fall

Collect all the rain

Share your Music

For letting your friends know what you're listening


Flappy Bird set in space!


Made for Kids


My very first published project!


A wee software startup