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Contributed by Joshua Halloway on: 30/08/2018, in Computer Science

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Nobody places content on the internet hoping that it will never be found. If they did, they would use some form of encrypted address only found via the deep web. For almost all blogs, this would be a ridiculous proposition. If you hope to post content that educates, promotes, or sells, odds are you’re looking to find an audience for that. There are very many ways to ensure this process yields fruit, but you need to know how to start.

For the new blog owner, attempting to help people find your content organically is perhaps one of the most important things to consider. It certainly doesn’t happen by mistake. Thankfully, catering for this is not the hard task it used to be. With the following tools, you’ll achieve this naturally:


Using Google AdWords to advertise your content can be a wonderful measure to ensure that your offering is seen all over the internet. Websites that use the AdSense plugins will show tracked content to the web visitor, and if you sponsor your posts and optimize your content correctly, you can be featured to many targeted browsing ID’s. It’s important to utilize the best scripts for Adwords automation, as this can help you convert a higher number of keywords to tunnel to your advertisement, and helps refine your content accordingly.


SEO is an important part of raising your profile online. There are two methods of succeeding here. You may open up your website to the use of SEO content, allowing professional content farms to implant the latest search ranking techniques to elevate your standing in the search results most people see.

This way you may earn through the use of affiliate marketing, but it also means your blog will become raised higher on the totem pole. SEO can also function for you as an end user. Just like those looking to advertise as a client through an SEO brand, you may try to raise the profile of your blog by offering this element on other relatable blogs, potentially yielding some real results. SEO has been an extremely organic and effective means of marketing for years, and it looks like this is set to stay.

Promotional Platforms

You may decide to promote your content in more organic ways that even these options explored. For example, you may decide to open a YouTube channel further explaining your content, perhaps via the use of a tutorial, a video blog, or something else more curated and entertaining. You may decide to curate beautiful photography on Instagram. You may decide to write an informative tweet. All of this can be used as a 360 approach to content delivery, naturally bringing in more people from different platforms, all with the goal of maximizing your hashtag utility and bringing different but similar audiences in from many different avenues.

With these simple efforts, allowing people to find your content organically will be a breeze.

Contributed by Joshua Halloway

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