How to Learn Writing Software through the Internet

Contributed by Joshua Halloway on: 29/07/2018, in Computer Science

Whether you would like to develop software for fun, or make money off your programming skills, you don’t necessarily have to attend college. There is plenty of training on the internet that will give you the basics of programming languages, and more. At the same time, you might not know whether you have the patience and skills to develop software, so it is better to test drive some free training first. Find out more below.

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Choose the Language

There are different programming languages available, and with the emergence of apps, you will have to choose one that has a future. Whether you want to make games, apps, or websites, a different programming language will be more suitable. If you are a complete beginner, you need to learn as much as possible about the different programming languages so you can avoid wasting time on things you will never use.

Find your teachers

It is also important that you find people to follow and learn from. You don’t necessarily have to employ them and pay them for one-on-one tuition; some programmers will publish their codes and processes on their blog, so you can learn for free. Others often release a free or low cost training that will help you make the most out of your skills and implement some cool features you can’t learn at college.

Choose a Purpose

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You will also have to decide what you would like to use your programming skills for. Whether it is developing games, corporate software, or Formatting Shapes in Visio, you will need a different approach. The purpose of your development will determine which skills you will need and what type of language and platform to choose.

Evaluate The Likeliness to Make Money

If you would like to make software development and programming your full time career, it is also crucial to find out how likely each programming skill will be to make you money. You must look for the languages and skills that are in high and growing demand. In the next few decades, mobile technology is likely to grow, therefore, being able to use app or game development software can be a skill in demand by companies and clients as well.

Create Demos and Improve Them

Once you have chosen your language, your tutor, your purpose, and the platforms, the hard work can begin. Start with creating simple demos according to the online instruction and adding more features to them as you improve your skills. You will have to learn how to create the foundation of a software, website, or app before you can master graphic design, functions, and animation. Save your demo safely on your computer and return to it regularly once you have learned new tricks of the trade.

There are loads of self-taught programmers and graphic designers out there. If you would like to set up your own freelance business, make money off apps and games, or get a secure and well-paid job, you can learn the basics and more if you do your online research.

Contributed by Joshua Halloway

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