The Modern Home Is Built Using Software

Contributed by Joshua Halloway on: 21/08/2018, in Computer Science

We think of software and modern homes as intrinsic. It would be bizarre for someone to ask if you, whether or not you thought your home was using some kind of software. The basic software that control central heating, pops first into our mind. We also think of the lighting system that we can control with a swipe of a finger. Ovens, microwaves and washing machines all use software to be controlled by consumers. These are the ways in which we can see technology being manipulated by marvellous software. But, there are other ways in which our homes utilise software to give us the home of our dreams.

More than a guess

Swimming pools are often desired by homeowners that have the space for them in their garden. With the proper planning permissions, anyone can have a luxury item like a family-sized swimming pool built in their backyard. However, it's not like the old days whereby you had to settle for an ‘off the shelf’ design. Software is used to design swimming pools to be spectacular while being affordable. This inevitably means, slick designs and unique features that appeal and please the individual client’s requests. Not only does this approach give businesses the ability to keep a consistent flow of customers walking through their door, but means that clients are willing to pay higher prices to get what they want. The modern standards for companies have therefore risen and it's no longer just about building and designing, but providing a service. Not only can a company make the swimming pool, they can set up a payment plan on their system so clients don’t have to involve a third-party.

The nervous system

Homes have nervous systems just like human beings. The electrical wiring of a modern home is beautiful. Not only does it need to be broad so that any future improvements can be powered by the home without changing much, but each room is stuffed full of technology which needs to be powered. On top of this, the larger the home becomes the more tricky the pathway of the wiring becomes. You could be sitting just inches away from a hundreds of feet of electrical wiring that is taking up about as much space are kitchen cutting board. For tradesmen, this should mean their job is more difficult right? Wrong. Pricing electrical jobs has become simpler, faster and overall, much easier to understand thanks to software evolution. The trader can simply take his or her floorplans of the client’s home, upload them to a ZIP file and open them up in the software. From here, they can mark the wiring and then, allow the software to calculate the cost of labor, length and quality of wiring and the routes inside the walls, ceilings and floors it will take. You can see the internals of a home, just by opening up a picture you drew and allowing the software to showcase the plotting.

Software has a key role to play in designing and building the modern home. More and more homeowners want luxuries in their lifestyle. They also quicker construction and planning, which is a demand on the shoulders of tradesmen. Thankfully, software can make each job far easier than it was a couple decades ago.

Contributed by Joshua Halloway

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