Where did I study?

Here you can learn about what I was up to during school and for university.

University Education

I am currently attending University of Glasgow (2015-2020) studying for a MSci degree in Computing Science and Physics. At the time of writing this, I am in third year.

I did Maths, Computing Science and Physics in my first and second years and finished with an average GPA of 19.29/22.

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A Levels

For all of high school and most of middle school, I was home-schooled and I was self-studying for all of my modules. For my A Levels, I did the Cambridge International Examinations. My grades and subjects are listed here:

  • Physics A
  • Mathematics A*
  • Further Mathematics C
  • AS Level English Language b


Like my A Levels, I was home-schooled and self-studied for my IGCSEs. The subjects I took and the grades I achieved are listed here:

  • Physics A*
  • Chemistry A*
  • Mathematics A
  • First Language English A
  • ICT A
  • Business Studies A
  • Economics A
  • Foreign Language Arabic A

Middle School - SAIS - Egyptian Exams

I went to the Saudi Arabian International School in Taif, where I was living at the time, for around 3 years.

In conjunction however, I also studied (at home) for and took the Egyptian Preparatory School exams. For my final year, I achieved 95%.

Primary School

I attended Sunrise Language School in my hometown of Cairo, Egypt for the first six years of my education.

Future Plans
2020 and moving forward

After I finish my undergraduate studies, I intend to pursue research into Particle Physics, hopefully starting that by completing a PhD.

I started learning about The Standard Model when I was studying for my A Level Physics exam. Mind you, it was not covered by our syllabus, but rather I would read up about it on the Internet. Indeed, in later years, this inspired me to create the app, The Standard Model, allowing users to learn about particles, hypothesise new ones and see Feynman Diagrams for interactions.

This has also inspired me further to aspire to doing research in Particle Physics.